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"Our March", Three Choral Pieces for Children's Choir and Symphony Orchestra (No. 1,2) and for Children's Choir and Wind Band (No. 3), Piano Reduction

Composer: Noubar Aslanyan

Choir, Orchestra with Choir, Vocal

Serial Number: 3834
Duration: 10 mins
Score: 31 pages
Score Type: Computer Generated

Composition Date: 1988

Symphonic orchestra and youth choir

1.The Ballad of the Pioneers 2'40" 1982 Text: Seyran Hovakimyan
2.''SPRINGS' DRUMMER'' 3'30" 1985 Text: Nansen Mikaelyan
3. Our March 3' 10" 1988 Text: Saro Geodakyan

Lyrics: Seyran Hovakimyan

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