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Noubar Aslanyan

Noubar Aslanyan

Noubar Aslanyan was born in Athens, Greece in 1943, and in 1946 he moved to Armenia. In 1973 he graduated from the Comitass Academy of Music in Yerevan, the composition class of Prof. Griqor Yeghiazaryan. In 1994 he came to Israel and since then he has been living and working here. His musical works have found acknowledgement in various spheres such as performing and education.

His musical pieces have been performed on various musical instruments and in various musical genres, e.g. solo, vocal-choir, chamber, symphony and brass orchestras, including music for children.
What also features Mr. Aslanyan is his programmatic music, about events relating himself and world events. For instance, in memory to Yitzhak Rabbin the song "He has gone" was created (1995), as well as Sonata for Cello solo "ENTEBBE-20" in memory to Yoni Netanyahu (1996), March-poem dedicated to the soldiers fighting against terrorism (2000), Cantata for a mixed choir a cappella, the "Harvest Holiday" (Succot) (1982), String Quartet No. 2 (1971-2001) in memory to the composer's parents Abraham and Esther Aslanyan, Concertino for Trumpet and String orchestra dedicated to his son Armen Aslanyan (1997), the vocal cycle "Will" (2006) for soprano and piano etc. His latest piece, "Appeal" (2006), for viola solo, is dedicated "To the innocent victims of this war" (2nd Lebanese war).
HYMN TO ARTSAKH(1990) Poem for Mixed Choir and Symphony Orchestra dedicated to heroes of Artsakh.

In his works the composer occasionally uses folk songs, contents and moods coinciding with his own programmatic music, updating these folk songs with contemporary composing techniques. String Quartet No. 3 "Armenia 88-93" and Sonata for Piano (1993) are to confirm the above said because they echo the 1988 disastrous earth quake and post-perestroika period, as well as the Sonata for Flute and Oboe (1997), Suite "In the Mountains" (2001), for woodwinds and piano dedicated to Honorary Consul of Armenia to Israel Mr. Tsolag Momjian, March-poem "Sardarapat" (1965) dedicated to the memory of Armenian victims of Genocide of 1915 in Turkey, etc. The concert-poem for trumpet and B Flat & Symph.Orchestra "The Braves of Sipan" (2005) Dedicated to the 90 th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, "Monologue", autobiographical Sonata for Cello solo no. 2 (2006).
POEM - ELEGY for woodwind string quartet, In memory of the Armenian Genocide victim Hrant Dink (2007).

In 2003 his music was performer in the Israeli Music Celebration. In 2004, on the occasion of the 56th anniversary of Israel's Independence, a whole concert of his music took place in the capital city of Armenia, Yerevan. It is commendable that recently Noubar Aslanyan had three concerts with the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Armenian where the Israel's leading soloists performed. This undoubtedly contributes to the progress of Israeli and Armenian music, and stimulates and upholds the friendship between the two countries.
His works were performed among other countries in the USSR, U.S.A., Israel, Canada, South Korea (ACL 2009), Sweden, Switzerland, Greece, Germany, Jugoslavia, Bulgaria and Armenia.

Aslanyan's favorite composers are Beethoven, Mahler, Shostakovitch, Komitas and Khachaturyan.

"Appeal", for viola solo
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"Awakening", Two pieces for Brass Quintet Chamber Music / Ensemble3746

"Celebration of Harvest", cantata for mixed choir a cappella Choir, Vocal3514

"For our Heros" for piano Solo3716

"In The Mountains", Suite for Wood-Wind Quartet & Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble, Wind Quintet3378

"Mi ha-ish", Baruch Heit, arr. for String Quartet Chamber Music / Ensemble, String Quartet2223

"Monologue" – sonata for Cello no. 2 Solo3669

"Our March", Three Choral Pieces for Children's Choir and Symphony Orchestra (No. 1,2) and for Children's Choir and Wind Band (No. 3), Piano Reduction Choir, Orchestra with Choir, Vocal3834

"Sardarapat", five Armenian national-patriotic compositions and arrangements (marches) for Wind Band, and Wind Band with Children's Choir Choir, Orchestra with Choir, Wind Orchestra3851

"There is such a Country", Four songs for Tenor, Mezzo Soprano (Soprano) and Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble, Solo voice(s), Vocal3839
"Thoughts", for Guitar solo Solo2391

"To the Violet", Three songs for Children's Choir, Soloist and Piano Educational, Choir, Vocal3833

Album for Trumpet in B Flat & Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble3379

Andastan, for Mixed Choir and Symphony Orchestra Symphony Orchestra, Choir, Orchestra with Choir4097a
Andastan, for Mixed Choir and Symphony Orchestra (Piano Reduction) Choir4097b
Ballad to Sayat-Nova, for Tenor and folk instrument Orchestra Solo voice(s), Voice and Orchestra, Vocal3838

Chek lrelou (We Will Not Silent), for Mixed Choir & Orchestra Orchestra with Choir4077b
Chenk lrelou (We Will Not Silent), for Mixed Choir & Piano Choir, Vocal4077a
Concert - Poem "The Braves of Sipan" Solo instrument(s) + Orchestra3652a

Concert - Poem "The Braves of Sipan" (Piano Reduction) Chamber Music / Ensemble, Solo instrument(s) + Orchestra3652b

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