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Rachel Galinne

Rachel Galinne

Rachel Galinne was born in Stockholm, Sweden, and she came to Israel in 1975. She studied Musicology at the Stockholm University and received her B.A. degree from the Uppsala University with Semitic languages, Hebraistic line in 1974. She completed her first and second degree in composition at the Rubin Academy of Music, University of Tel Aviv as a student of Prof. Leon Schidlowsky, (1984 and 1988 respectively). In 1980 she participated in a composition course led by Witold Lutoslawski in France, and in 1984 she studied at the Darmstadt Seminar. Her works have been widely performed in Israel, Sweden, Germany and the USA by the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Swedish Radio Choir, Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Gary Bertini, Theodor Guschlbauer etc. Her works are regularly broadcasted on the Voice of Music, Israel, and the Swedish Radio. In 1994 Galinne received the Prime Minister’s Award for Composers, and in the same year she received the ACUM Prize. The first CD with works by Galinne was issued in 1999. During the latest years Galinne’s music has been widely performed in Germany, and in 2003 a concert dedicated solely to chamber music by Galinne was held in Mainz. Her second CD, "Rachel Galinne: Prisms" was published in 2004, featuring a live recording of two concerts with works by Galinne held in March 2004 in Tel Aviv and Haifa, sponsored by the "Pro Musica Viva, Maria Strecker-Daelen Stiftung", Mainz, and other sources from Germany.

Amitai in memoriam, for string quartet Chamber Music / Ensemble, String Quartet2393
And They Shall Study War no More, for soprano, horn & piano Chamber Music / Ensemble, Voice and ensemble, Vocal3293
Aphrodite, for flute solo Solo3617
Chen, for percussion solo & chamber ensemble Chamber Music / Ensemble, Solo instrument + ensemble2874
Dybuk, for Solo Clarinet Solo3931
Ethalech be'artsot hachayim (I Will Walk in the Land of the Living) for Soprano, Clar. / Bass Clar.,Vl, Vcl. and Pno. Chamber Music / Ensemble, Voice and ensemble3761
Fugue for String Quartet Chamber Music / Ensemble, String Quartet3346
Lo Yisa Goy el Goy Cherev, Nation Shall Not Lift up Sword Against Nation, for Vocal & Instrumental Ensemble Chamber Music / Ensemble, Voice and ensemble3920
Sonatat ha-Or (The Sonata of Light), for Violin and Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble3932
Symphony No. 2, for symphony orchestra Symphony Orchestra2486
The Story of Bellet, for tenor & three instruments Chamber Music / Ensemble, Solo voice(s), Voice and ensemble3294
Trio Energico, for violin, cello and piano Chamber Music / Ensemble3721
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