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Emanuel Vahl

Emanuel Vahl

Emanuel VAHL was born in Odessa (Ukraine) in 1938.
After ending his musical studies at the Stoliarsky Conservatory in Odessa and the Music Academy in Moscow, he started to compose for all kinds of instruments and ensembles. So far, he has composed more than 100 works.

In 1990, he made his Aliya to Israel.
He teached Harmony and Composition at the Conservatory "Hasadna" in Jerusalem, and now he teaches at the Dance Studio of Jerusalem.

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"Expression", for Tenor Saxophone-Tenor (Sax-Soprano, Sax-Baritone, Sax-Alto) and Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble3840
10 Musical Moments for Piano Solo3917
20 Intermezzi op.102, for piano Solo4021
20 Preludes, for piano Solo3968
24 Preludes and Fugues for violin solo op.107 Solo4308
32 songs without words op.9, for Piano Solo4013
43 Bagatelles, for piano op.103 Solo4018
7 Jewish Dances for Piano Solo3916
Alternative, for Violin, Cello and Piano, Op. 127 Chamber Music / Ensemble4296b
Alternative, for violin, horn and piano, Op. 127 Chamber Music / Ensemble4296a
Aspiration, for Viola (Cello) & Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble4099
Che Ye Krashchi Mizh Kvitkamy, for Mixed Choir a cappella Choir, Vocal4186
Children Suite op.123 for Violin Solo Solo4142
Chorale and Humoresque, for six Trombones and two Tubas Chamber Music / Ensemble3959
Chym By Stala Ty, Kokhanochko, for mixed Choir a cappella Choir, Vocal4209
Concerto for Voice and Orchestra op.93 Symphony Orchestra, Voice and Orchestra, Vocal4134a
Concerto, for Voice and Orchestra op.93 (arranged for voice and piano) Chamber Music / Ensemble, Vocal4134b

Divchyno, Moya Ty Rybchyno, for Mixed Choir a cappella Choir, Vocal4198
Doina, for Saxophone Octet Chamber Music / Ensemble3958
Dyvuvalas’ Zyma, for Mixed Choir a cappella Choir, Vocal4194
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