Lotti Amit-Kalev

Lotti Amit-Kalev Pianist, teacher of piano and harmony, composer and arranger. Graduated at the Rubin Music Academy in Tel-Aviv. Her works have been broadcasted in the Israeli radio, also in the Military Station ‘Galey-Tzahal’, where she served her military service as an editor of music programs. She composed and adapted music for piano at her instruments, as well as published 5 booklets for piano, one of them methodical.
Lotti Amit-Kalev passed away in 2024.


A Funny Impromptu, for 2 Pianos Chamber Music / Ensemble4000 Click to View Details
Away With The King, musical for children, for voices and piano Educational, Chamber Music / Ensemble, Solo voice(s), Vocal, Opera2744 Details
Children’s Joy, for piano four hands Chamber Music / Ensemble4023 Click to View Details
Contemplation, for bass clarinet & piano Chamber Music / Ensemble1229 Details
Divertimento for Two Clarinets & Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble2483 Details
Duet for cello & piano Chamber Music / Ensemble3779 Details
Five O'Clock, for clarinet, alto-saxophone, piano & drum set Chamber Music / Ensemble3260 Details
Five original Blues pieces, for Piano Solo3847 Details
Folk Music for the Young, for piano Solo, For the Young1001 Click to View Details
Four Bagatelles, for Piano Solo4172 Click to View Details
Gulf War Sonata, in three movements, for Violin & Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble1560 Details
Harp Quartet, for Clarinet, Saxophone, Xylophone and Harp Chamber Music / Ensemble4083 Click to View Details
Humoresque, for clarinet & piano Chamber Music / Ensemble3445 Details
Inebriation, for Piano Solo3954 Click to View Details
Making Fun (In jazz style) for Piano Solo3731 Click to View Details
Marionettes for piano Solo3903 Details
Masquerad, for piano Solo3910 Details
Mother’s Songs, for Piano Solo4082 Click to View Details
Musical Merriments, for young pianist Solo, For the Young1246 Details
Occurrence, for bass-clarinet & piano Chamber Music / Ensemble2159 Details
Quartet for clarinet, saxophone alto, xylophone & harp Chamber Music / Ensemble3297 Details
Quartet for Oboe, 2 Clarinets & Bassoon Chamber Music / Ensemble1470 Click to View Details
Rejoicing, for piano 4 hands Chamber Music / Ensemble1561 Details
Rhapsody, for harp Solo2279 Details
Shouts of Joy, for piano 4-hands Chamber Music / Ensemble2890 Details
Sonata for Clarinet and Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble4584 Click to View Details
Sonata for Piano no. 2 ("Spin Sonata") Solo4525 Click to View Details
Sonata Modi’in, for piano Solo4009 Click to View Details
Sonatina in 3 movements for piano Solo, For the Young3845 Details
Souvenir for my family, 12 charcteristic pieces of my family members Solo4890 Click to View Details
Suite for Clarinet & Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble1559 Details
The Disguise Solo3728 Details
The Merry Cowboy (from A Masked Ball), for 2 clarinets & piano 4-hands Chamber Music / Ensemble3259 Details
Thoughts, for Piano solo Solo4747 Click to View Details
Three Little Dances, for Piano Solo4058 Click to View Details
Three Miniatures, for Piano Solo4057 Click to View Details
Trio for Clarinet & Cello Chamber Music / Ensemble3846 Details
Trio for Violin, Cello & Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble3902 Details
Two Preludes for Piano: 1. Relaxation, 2. Excitement Solo4448 Click to View Details
Winnie-The-Pooh, for Narrator and Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble, For the Young4443 Click to View Details
Woodwind Quartet, for Oboe, 2 Clarinets and Bassoon Chamber Music / Ensemble4175 Click to View Details
Zoo, for Piano Solo4047 Click to View Details