Eres Holz

Eres Holz Born in Rehovot / Israel, 1977.
2002 B.Mus. degree at the Tel-Aviv Academy of Music.
Composition Studies with Ruben Seroussi.
Since 2003/04 Composition Studies with Hanspeter Kyburz and Computer-Music with Wolfgang Heiniger at the HfM Hanns Eisler, Berlin.
Since 2003 he is an active member at the Institute of Contemporary Music: Cooperation between the HfM Hanns Eisler and the University of Arts, Berlin.
Second prize in Composition at the Hanns Eisler Preis - Competition for Composition and Interpretation of Contemporary Music, 2005 and 2008.
2008 tutor in the ECMCT (European Course for Musical Composition and Technologies).
Since 2008 he teaches algorithmic-composition at the University of Arts, Berlin.


6 Mosaik-Inventionen, for Grand Piano, Trumpet and electronics Chamber Music / Ensemble, Live electronics / tape3806 Click to View  MP3 Details
Black Box, Trio for Flutes, Percussion and Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble3801 Click to View Details
Durchblicke, for 11 players Chamber Music / Ensemble3805 Click to View  MP3 Details
Frauen von Freunden, for Tenor, Piano, Harpsichord and Harp Chamber Music / Ensemble, Solo voice(s), Voice and ensemble, Vocal3809 Click to View  MP3 Details
Latah, for 14 players and electronics Chamber Music / Ensemble, Live electronics / tape3802 Click to View  MP3 Details
Mukayyar, duo for chromatic button accordion and cl. in si, (and b. cl) Chamber Music / Ensemble3803 Click to View  MP3 Details
Reihung, for 12 players Chamber Music / Ensemble3808 Click to View Details
Transmigration, for Tape Live electronics / tape3804  MP3 Details
Zirkulationen, for Piano solo Solo3807 Click to View  MP3 Details