Arie Rufeisen

Arie Rufeisen Born in Chechoslovakia, 1926. Immigrated to Israel in 1936. Studied music in Mishmar Ha’emek. Since 1946 he is a member of Kibbutz Reshafim there he taught music for many years in as well as at “Gilboa” school in Kibbutz Beit-Alfa. He finished the “Oranim” music seminar for music teachers, studied composition with Abel Ehrlich and flute with Uri Teplitch. His music was radio broadcasted in Israel and abroad, especially Prague.


15 Bagatelles, for two flutes Chamber Music / Ensemble1423 Details
15 Miniatures, for two flutes Chamber Music / Ensemble727 Details
A Story, for big children, for narrator & string quartet Chamber Music / Ensemble1424 Details
Andante con moto, for Alto Flute solo Solo143 Details
Antiphonia, for woodwind quintet Chamber Music / Ensemble398 Details
Atmosphere, for bass clarinet, percussion and string orchestra Solo instrument(s) + Orchestra, String Orchestra135 Details
Badinerie for 4 Celli Chamber Music / Ensemble2776 Details
Badinerie, for 4 flutes Chamber Music / Ensemble334 Details
Clouds, for mezzo sopran & string quartet String Quartet, Voice and ensemble489 Details
Compound, for chamber orchestra Chamber Orchestra1412 Details
Concertino for Horn & String Orchestra Solo instrument(s) + Orchestra, String Orchestra136 Details
Concertino for Percussion Player & Orchestra Symphony Orchestra, Solo instrument(s) + Orchestra1414 Details
Concerto grosso, for two flutes & strings Solo instrument(s) + Orchestra, String Orchestra780 Details
Con-seret, for two flutes Chamber Music / Ensemble1418 Details
Dance, for woodwind quintet Chamber Music / Ensemble395 Details
Duet for two trombones Chamber Music / Ensemble1421 Details
Duo Sonata, for bass clarinet and percussion Chamber Music / Ensemble140 Details
Duo-Sonata for Viola & Percussion Chamber Music / Ensemble2780 Details
Encore, for brass quintet & timpani ad libitum Chamber Music / Ensemble448 Details
Encore, for string orchestra String Orchestra481 Details
Experiences, Symphonic Picture, for symphony orchestra Symphony Orchestra1234 Details
Five Miniatures, for woodwind quintet Chamber Music / Ensemble, Wind Quintet399 Details
Five Pictures, for violin or flute & piano Chamber Music / Ensemble433 Details
For the Youth, Symphonic Ouverure op.84, for symphony orchestra Symphony Orchestra796 Details
Forgotten Hora, for string orchestra String Orchestra2165 Details
Fuga No.1, for woodwind quintet Chamber Music / Ensemble396 Details
Fuga No.2, for woodwind quintet Chamber Music / Ensemble397 Details
H'amoreska, Donkey Story for Flute, Oboe, Bassoon & Narrator, opus 21 Chamber Music / Ensemble738 Details
Jerusalem, A Sound Picture for Symphony orchestra Symphony Orchestra1231 Details
King's Game, for trumpet & horn Chamber Music / Ensemble400 Details
King's Game, for two flutes Chamber Music / Ensemble401 Details
Memories, for solo harp Solo142 Details
Nostalgia, for string quartet Chamber Music / Ensemble, String Quartet2792 Details
Nouvelle, for harp, flute, clarinet & string quartet Chamber Music / Ensemble1419 Details
Octet, for wind & percussion Chamber Music / Ensemble1232 Details
Partita for Solo Flute Solo1411 Details
Pastoral Sunset, for flute, clarinet & bassoon Chamber Music / Ensemble818 Click to View Details
Phonia, for woodwind quintet Chamber Music / Ensemble, Wind Quintet849 Details
Prophonia, for woodwind quintet Chamber Music / Ensemble, Wind Quintet848 Details
Quartet, for flute, violin, viola & cello Chamber Music / Ensemble737 Details
Recorders Four, for recorders soprano, alto, tenor & bass Chamber Music / Ensemble819 Details
Resurrection, Fantasy for piano Solo141 Details
Romansa, for mixed choir Choir1235 Details
Rondo Debka, for woodwind quintet Chamber Music / Ensemble394 Details
Scherzo for Brass Quintett and Timpani ad Libitum Chamber Music / Ensemble, Wind Quintet337 Details
Serenada, for flute, violin & viola Chamber Music / Ensemble490 Details
Shabbat, for soprano, flute, violin, viola & cello Chamber Music / Ensemble, Solo voice(s), Voice and ensemble, Vocal1416 Details
Sheherezada, for sopran & tenor Solo voice(s)434 Details
Sonata for Horn & Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble1415 Details
Ten Sparcles, for flute and bassoon Chamber Music / Ensemble137 Details
Ten Sparcles, for flute and tuba Chamber Music / Ensemble138 Details
Ten Two Voices Inventions, for piano Solo2530 Details
The Salt Cookies, for flute & piano Chamber Music / Ensemble1413 Details
The Salt Cookies, for Violin & Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble363 Details
The Short Thriller, for tuba and piano Chamber Music / Ensemble139 Details
The Tin Drum, Chaconne for 4 percussionists Chamber Music / Ensemble1233 Details
The Train of Vale, for woodwind quintet Chamber Music / Ensemble, Wind Quintet2531 Details
Trio for Flute, Viola & Harp Chamber Music / Ensemble336 Details
Variations on a Theme by Mozart, for flute solo Solo1601 Details
Variations on Israeli Folk Song, for two flutes Chamber Music / Ensemble1410 Details
We Don't Hear, for mezzo-soprano & percussion Chamber Music / Ensemble335 Details
What is it Dodecaphony?, text-book with examples & exercises Educational1422 Details