Vladimir Scolnic

Vladimir Scolnic Vladimir Scolnic was born in Ukraine in 1947.
He completed his studies in composition at the Bucharest National
University of Music-Romania in 1972.
In 1994 the Hebrew University from Jerusalem conferred to Vladimir Scolnic the degree
of Ph.D (summa cum laude) for his thesis “Pitch Organization in Aleatory
Counterpoint in Lutoslawski’s Music of the Sixties ” .

An original method of research of contemporary music was elaborated by Vladimir Scolnic during his
doctoral research. This method was later developed and adjusted to various tasks of research of
contemporary music.

V. Scolnic has been living in Israel since 1977.
He teaches composition and theoretical subjects at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and
During the Academic Year 2000-2001 he was the Head of Composition, Conducting and
Theory Department at the Academy.

In the Academic Year 2005-2006 Vladimir Scolnic became the Dean of the Faculty of
Theory, Composition, Conducting and Musical Education at the Jerusalem Academy of
Music and Dance.

During the Academic Years 2001-2002 and 1990-1991 he has been a visiting scholar at the
New York University.

The NYU (USA), Ann Arbor- Michigan State University (USA) and National University of Music from
Bucharest-Romania invited him as visiting scholar during the academic year 2008-2009.

In the field of education Vladimir Scolnic invented an original system of developing musical hearing based
on applications of the theory of fifth and the lingual-structural-functional concept in music.

Vladimir Scolnic has lectured on theoretical subjects and findings resulted from his research in several
Universities and International symposiums in USA (NYU, CUNY-Queens College, Pensilvanya State
Univ., Ann Arbor- Michigan State Univ. ), Europe (Romania- National University of Music-Bucharest,
Holland- Tillburg, Brabant Academy of Music, Poland-Warsaw, Chopin University of music, Spain-
Malaga International Festival of Contemporary Music) and Israel (Jerusalem, ECCS 2008 in the frame of
the 5th European Conference on Complex Systems, Tel Aviv University, The Jerusalem Academy of
Music and Dance).

Music written by Vladimir Scolnic includes works for symphonic orchestra, chamber orchestra (with or
without soloists), strings orchestra with soloists, flutes orchestra , children choir, works for various
traditional and non traditional chamber ensembles, solo instruments, vocal and educational music.

The originality of Vladimir Scolnic’s music consists in a unusual innovative musical language as well as
unconventional unique types of compositional processes created by using the palindrome concept.

He is the recipient of the Award 2002 conferred to him for achievements in the field
of composition, research and education by the NYU & the International New Music
Consortium (New York) and the 2004th Israeli Prime Minister Prize for composers.

Vladimir Scolnic has been a member of national and international juries of composition in USA, Poland,
Romania, Spain and Israel.

His music was recorded, broadcasted and performed in public concerts and International Festivals
of Contemporary Music in United States, Spain, Italy, Russia, Poland, The Czech Republic, Serbia,
Croatia, Romania, Moldova, Hungary, Ukraine, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France and


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